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Fully managed cloud hosting optimised for WordPress & Magento. Fast, secure, scalable, and local.

Top tier hosting at a low price

We have done the research to find the best WordPress and Magento hosting. Using our bulk buying power, we get the best prices which we then pass on to our managed clients. So you can be rest assured we’re giving you unbeatable hosting on the best systems for the lowest cost. It’s even located in Macarthur – at Amazon’s Smeaton Grange Data Centre!

What makes our hosting top tier?


Dedicated CPU, memory & IP

Most cheap website hosting is on a server shared with lots of other dodgy spammy sites. These make your site slow and look unfavourable to Google as you’re associated with a spammy IP. On our special cloud hosting you’ll never be impacted by other sites or shared resources.

Web Application Firewall and dynamic malware defence

Getting hacked is a growing problem with websites, especially WordPress & Magento. It causes massive impacts so we take security very seriously. Our hosting includes Web Application Firewall and dynamic malware defence with optimised rule sets / blocklists for elite security. Human error is also covered with our fully managed support that gets you back online if you somehow are hacked, at no cost to you.

Daily Backups with 30 day storage

We have partial roll back systems and audit tracking to recover issues or mistakes. All our systems come with daily backups with 30 days storage, that is up to 720 restore points. Not enough? We can upgrade to hourly backups for WordPress or every minute for Magento.

Hosting Support

If you’re on our hosting you also have our managed plan which comes with local support. We take care of the day to day maintenance. If somehow something goes wrong we will automatically take care of it, usually before you or customers will even see. If you do need us we don’t have bots or call centres, you can speak to our local team.

Designed for WordPress & Magento

We don’t just setup basic general hosting, we have our systems created specifically for WordPress and a whole other setup just for Magento. This means you get a hosting solution that seamlessly integrates with plugins, site management, automation, and templates and runs them right. 

We offer


At Online Optimisation, we understand the challenges and concerns that come with moving a website from one hosting provider to another. That’s why we’re excited to offer a complimentary site migration service to all our new and prospective clients. If you’re considering making the switch to our hosting solutions, simply inform us, and we’ll take care of everything for you. Our team of experts will handle the entire migration process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free transition for your website. From transferring your data, adjusting configurations, to ensuring that your site remains fully operational throughout the move, we’ve got you covered. Choose us, and experience a hassle-free migration, knowing that your website is in capable hands.


WordPress hosting plans

All our hosting plans can be scaled up as demand increases and your site grows. 

Quantum Plan

Our lowest plan is
Quantum for $8.80 /Month
This is a special limited plan we only recommend if you have a very basic site and ok with it being a bit slow.

Bronze Plans

Our most popular WordPress hosting is our Bronze plans below 


Silver Plans

Our most popular hosting for Ecommerce (WooCommerce) and larger or more complex sites is our Silver plans below


Performance Boost

Boost performance up to 125% with High Frequency Hosting. 
The fastest architecture in our hosting range, our revolutionary Performance Boost plans are powered by next-generation CPU and SSD hardware that greatly exceeds standard server performance and stability.


Need More Options?

Our plans scale up 8 more levels to the highest plan of Palladium for $1,584 /month. If you need more than the above please speak to us so we can make sure you get the right package at the best price. 

Magento hosting plans

We customise our Magento hosting to fit your website. Our lowest Magento hosting starts at $200 a month for basic Magento websites. Although we have clients with very large sites taking 1000’s of orders a month on hosting setups that cost more. We also offer dedicated Elastic Search and Database hosting, as well as integration with all AWS services.

Contact us to get a custom quote.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find what you are after, just give us a call (02) 4641 0214 or send us a quick message, we would be happy to chat.

Are your servers in Australia?

Yes, Smeaton Grange, NSW in the Amazon Web Services data warehouse. 

Can I easily upgrade my hosting at any time?

Yes, it takes only minutes and causes no down time for most of our upgrade options. 

Do you offer site migration?

Yes, we provide FREE site migration. This means that if you’re looking to transfer your website from your current hosting provider to ours, we’ll handle the entire process for you at no extra cost. Our team of experts will ensure a smooth and seamless transition, minimizing downtime and ensuring that your website remains operational and accessible throughout the move. This service is designed to make your switch to our platform as effortless and straightforward as possible.

What is required to access your hosting services?

To access our hosting services, clients must subscribe to a monthly management plan. This requirement is crucial for ensuring that all hosted websites receive thorough maintenance and robust security. With this policy in place, we offer our clients the assurance that their websites are protected against various online threats and potential performance disruptions. Our comprehensive management plan encompasses regular updates, security patches, and dedicated technical support to promptly address any issues that may arise. Such proactive maintenance is designed to prevent downtime and enhance website functionality, securing a strong and reliable digital presence for our clients. Additionally, our skilled team consistently monitors and manages the hosting infrastructure, freeing our clients to concentrate on their primary business objectives without concerns over their website’s technical demands.