Meet The Team

John Foskett
Managing Director & Web Guru

Camden born and bred, he’s the true brains behind the operation and one half of the Online Optimisation company owners, John is married to the lovely Mel Foskett whom he shares 4 beautiful children with. Having graduating from Wollongong University with a degree in Computer Science majoring in Secure Distributed Systems, John’s professional career really took flight when he became part of the founding group of and was the CTO on the founding group of His part in successful start-up projects didn’t end there though, later going on to partner with the largest spare parts ecommerce store in Australia which today forms a big part of what Online Optimisation does, in addition to working with over 150 local Macarthur Businesses on their online strategies. John enjoys creating software solutions that deliver a true valuable return and is always up for a new challenge. John loves to play soccer and also coached and managed for many years. In his downtime, John Loves watching live sports or movies, anything action or true story based. 

Melanie Foskett
Web Designer & Accounts

She’s the prettier half of the Online Optimisation founding duo and you might have had the pleasure of working closely with her if you’ve had your site designed by us, Mel is married to John Foskett and somehow manages to balance family life with their four beautiful children, with her integral role in the business. Mel has a certificate 3 in Business Office & Administration and worked with her previous employer for nearly 10 years as a PA. Mel took a break while the kids were little, helping John in the business with accounts and admin tasks. When she was ready for more, she later retrained in WordPress and the Divi Builder before immersing herself completely into the business over 6 years ago and can now churn out a top notch looking website from scratch! Mel enjoys hanging with her family, being creative and spending time with their dog Lily.

Ivan Knezevic
Senior Developer

He’s the behind-the-scenes guy and has recently joined the Online Optimisation team as a senior Developer, meet Ivan! Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, he came to Australia a couple of years ago before finding his way to us. He now works extensively on some of our big projects, and really is the unsung hero working tirelessly on the programming side. Ivan was originally educated in the electrical and computer science fields before eventually embarking on his career in web development, having built several web development frameworks from scratch and working as an outsourcer for many years for European and US companies. In his spare time, Ivan loves to do anything artistic and creative like drawing, woodworking, music, crafting, mechanics and programming. Interestingly, he’s survived a couple of wars and understands at least 5 spoken and 6 programming languages! He’s an environmentalist at heart, and loves plants, animals, and microorganisms- so much so he’s our Chief Indoor Plant Officer at Online Optimisation. Ivan loves snow and ice but hates the cold!

Joshua Morrison
Trainee Developer
The new guy on the block and a great addition to the Online Optimisation team, Josh is just starting his career in Web Development while studying a Degree in Computer Science at Deakin University. Josh recently finished a diploma in Information Technology and through that, sparked a passion and enjoyment for the web development side. This steered Josh toward Online Optimisation’s door where he will learn alongside the best in the biz- though he already knows his way well around WordPress and a whole myriad of other tech stuff he’s had the chance to sink his teeth into. Josh enjoys hanging out with his family in his downtime and playing any game that’s thrown at him.