Frontline Design

“Their professionalism and service was impeccable”

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jess, Mel and the team at Online Optimisation for creating our new website. Being our first website and not knowing what to expect, their professionalism and service was impeccable. They managed to showcase our home designs in a way that exceeded our expectations. We have no hesitations whatsoever in recommending Online Optimisation to anyone wanting to create excellent online presence.

Frontline Design

Frontline Design

Frontline Design were fantastic to work with. They design custom homes, home extensions and more… They have very innovative designs and we fell in love with their work. Located in Camden, they came to us needing an online presence as they had none.

Building a website from scratch can be a very daunting experience for the client and this is something we totally understand. We often get clients hesitant to build a website as they are scared by the amount of work this will involve for them. But due to the processes we have in place to create a website, getting the content from clients runs smoothly. The way our design process works is if you are unsure on what content to write, we generally make you up a template of what we think you should add on each individual page. From here, you can choose to add or remove parts of the template and then you help us fill in the blanks. Don’t stress about making the content sound perfect as our literacy guru will read over your entire site before launch and help fix up anything that is needed.

Frontline design have an impressive gallery of houses they have designed and we really wanted to showcase their designs on their website. We created a gallery section and also a recent project section where they can showcase their recent work. Training was also given to them so they can update images and text on their website on their own, along with a template and training on how to add and post new projects themselves.

When it came to choosing a design for Frontline Design, we really wanted to give them something a bit unique much like their own designs. Many different design features were added to each individual page to help create this unique design. Frontline were fabulous to work with and we look forward to watching their online presence grow.

Device Friendly

When we launch a site we make sure your website will look great on your computer, ipad and phone. Sometimes this means we tweak the design a little so your website stays looking great. Certain aspects of your website we may remove on mobile view or visa versa. Our end goal is that your site is aesthetically pleasing but most of all user friendly!