Platinum Glaze

“Wouldn’t recommend anyone else”

Wouldn’t recommend anyone else, very knowledgeable and incredibly helpful through the entire process. Blown away with the website and communication throughout.

Christopher Holton

Platinum Glaze

Online Optimisation, a leading web development company based in the vibrant community of Camden, is proud to unveil our latest project – a bespoke e-commerce website designed for Platinum Glaze, a renowned supplier of premium car cleaning products and accessories. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in digital commerce, combining our expertise in web development with Platinum Glaze’s commitment to quality and excellence in the automotive care industry.

Understanding the unique needs and aspirations of Platinum Glaze was the first step in our journey together. Platinum Glaze, known for its exceptional range of car care products, sought to expand its market reach and provide its customers with a seamless online shopping experience. Our mission was to translate their vision into a dynamic, user-friendly e-commerce platform that not only showcased their products but also embodied their brand’s prestige and industry leadership.

Our design approach was meticulously aligned with Platinum Glaze’s branding colors, ensuring a visual continuity that reflects the brand’s identity and values. The website’s aesthetic is a harmonious blend of sophistication and functionality, designed to engage users from the first glance and guide them effortlessly through the browsing and purchasing process.

A standout feature of the new Platinum Glaze website is the captivating video header, a creative collaboration that beautifully encapsulates the essence of their brand. The video, produced by Platinum Glaze, showcases their products in action, delivering a “wow effect” that immerses visitors in the world of automotive excellence. This innovative element not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the site but also demonstrates the effectiveness and quality of Platinum Glaze’s products, encouraging customer engagement and conversion.

At Online Optimisation, we are committed to leveraging the latest technologies and design principles to create e-commerce solutions that drive growth and success. The Platinum Glaze website is built on a robust and scalable platform, designed to accommodate the expanding range of products and the growing needs of their customer base. Features such as intuitive navigation, detailed product descriptions, and secure payment options ensure a convenient and safe shopping experience for users.

Our partnership with Platinum Glaze exemplifies our dedication to supporting local businesses in Camden and beyond, helping them to thrive in the digital marketplace. By understanding their unique challenges and objectives, we are able to deliver custom web solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.

The launch of the Platinum Glaze e-commerce site is just the beginning of their digital transformation journey. Online Optimisation remains committed to providing ongoing support and strategic guidance to ensure their online presence continues to grow and evolve in alignment with their business goals.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Platinum Glaze and are excited to see how their new e-commerce platform propels their business to new heights. Our partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision for excellence in the digital age. For businesses looking to redefine their online presence and unlock new opportunities, Online Optimisation stands ready to deliver solutions that are not just effective but transformative.

Device Friendly

When we launch a site we make sure it will look great on all devices. Including desktop computers, iPad tablets and mobile phone. Sometimes this means we add special custom tweaks that only get enabled at certain screen sizes, so the design of your website stays looking great. Certain aspects of your website we may remove on mobile view or visa versa. As part of this process, it’s not about making your site look good on specific screen sizes but instead looking good on all screen sizes. This makes the page dynamically responsive to the screen size it’s being shown on. The page adapts and changes to fit the width and height it has available. This helps make the site friendly for users, but also it helps ranking better on Search Engines like Google, as part of SEO is making sure you are user friendly. Our end goal is that your site is aesthetically pleasing but most of all user friendly!