Patch those holes!

Is your website leaking? At Online Optimisation, you’ll find us constantly banging on about the importance of getting traffic to your website. But what’s equally important is ensuring you also convert that traffic to leads, enquiries and/or sales. This is particularly the case for e-commerce! It’s essential to know your end goals, funnel users to it and track the entire process so you can fix any ‘leaks’ or missed opportunities along the way.

If you find you’re at a loss, fear not! Using special tools we can help you track where users click and even move their mouse (freaky) to glean valuable insights on some of the common leaks we find and the possible fixes.

And by monitoring what money you’ve spent to eventually get that sale, this gives us an accurate measurement on your ROI.

This allows you to turn the leads ‘tap’ on and know its not going to waste!

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