Camden Local Government Area: May 2019 Statistics

  • 72 new businesses
  • 8,340 total businesses
  • Top new business industries: construction, transport (incl. Postal & Warehousing) & scientific & technical services
  • Overall top business industries: construction, transport (incl. Postal & Warehousing) & scientific & technical services
  • 675 new residents

We already know that the Macarthur area is growing rapidly. Just during May the Camden area received 675 new residents!

Whilst this is a good thing as its bringing more business to the area its also bringing more businesses! Just during May there were 72 new businesses launched bringing the total to 8,340 businesses in Camden LGA.

Whilst competition is good you want to make sure you can stay ahead of your competitors. One of the best ways you can do this is through having a strong online presence. You want to make sure when they Google your products or services that your website is showing up. Then when they click it you want to make sure they are getting the right experience that funnels them to your sites goal. That might be a phone call, email or online purchase.

A website is a great marketing tool and if used correctly can bring your business new customers and also help nurture and up sell existing clients. So if your website is seen more as a presence and something you just have “because” then its time to rethink that marketing plan. If you want to capture the new growth in the area you need to use your site properly. Have a budget for it and measure any returns from the site to make sure that spend is well spent. Things like SEO & AdWords can bring traffic but you want real returns, money in your pocket. So you need to optimise the funnel all the way, measure the results, act then turn it up like a tap to increase your growth.

Here at Online Optimisation we are website specialists. We are based in Camden and focus on local businesses, we understand local and we understand web. So we can show you how to capture  that growth with our DIY packages and training or we can set out a package that does it all for you. All with no lock in contracts so you can try it and adjust based on the results.